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Where to buy?

The Romeo Echo One is available in select stores in California and Nevada. You may find our licensed distributors on the "Where to Buy" page.

Return Policies

To ensure our customer satisfaction, so if the item you received is damaged in some way, we will make every effort to replace as long as you email us within 10 days of receiving the product.

Why do you only have one product?

We have just started and right now the Romeo Echo One is our only product. We have products in development right now, such as our paper target adapter, hostage flapper, taller posts, and more. Follow us on Instagram or subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated. 

How to maintain safety?

We have included a sharp angle on our steel target to make sure all ricochet hits the ground. However, shooting too close with a caliber too big can still cause ricochet to bounce back. Make sure to follow our safety handbook found in "Resources" to maintain a safe experience at all times.

Why are the bolts on the back of the plate loose?

The bolts on the back of the plate is not fully tightened to give the steel plate more movement and sound when shot. Giving a louder ding and more visibility. 

Latch Adjustment

The latch on the back of the post might be too tight initially.. Use the included wrench to loosen the bottom two fasteners. It should take about two turns on each side to get the latch to be just right.

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