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Romeo Echo One Large Plate 12*20


(excluding HI and AK) 



  • Steel Target System 12"*20"

  • Carry Bag

  • 3 1/2in Grade 8 Bolt

  • 3 10mm Grade 8 Bolt

  • 6 Clevis pin with cotter pin

  • 1 Hex Key wrench

  • 1 Mini Wrench

  • User's Manual

  • Safety Guide

Product Detail

Red Eye Target Romeo Echo One is the next generation of modular steel target training systems for shooting practice and tactical training. It's designed for the military, law enforcement, and civilians. 90% of the Romeo Echo One’s components are made from ballistic rated AR500 steel, making it among the most durable steel target on the market. The Romeo One weighs about 50lbs including all of the components, spare parts, and a carry bag. The majority of the parts are foldable, so they can be fitted into the included carry bag or a standard-issued military duffel bag. It’s also designed to set up, deploy or return it to its compact size without using any tool within 30 seconds, making it very ideal for a range day or to have multiple target systems set up. Romeo Echo One is also a modular system, allowing for add-ons such as the Red Eye Target Paper Adapter or the Red Eye Target Hostage Flapper. 

 Product Specs

  • Plate Size:  AR500 Plate, 12"x 20"  3/8" thick, Reduced D-Zone Target

  • Weight: 62lbs

  • Post: Foldable, 43" tall AR500 post

  • Base: Foldable base with AR500 Top

  • Bolts: Grade 8

  • Caliber: Pistol and up to 308. caliber rated. Anything bigger than 308. require more distance for safety

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